Bull sharks and bottlenose dolphins are moving north as the ocean warms

by kristen on Mai 3, 2018 - 12:31pm

In the news article “Bull sharks and bottlenose dolphins are moving north as the ocean warms

”, it touches the subject of climate change, more specifically the warming of waters. Bull sharks and bottlenose dolphins have been seen going out of their natural swimming areas. This is the consequence of the warming of waters due to climate change. During the span of the last century the average sea temperature has augmented every decade by 0.07 degrees celsius. These two creatures and a couple others have been seen swimming where no one thought they would go. For example a fisherman saw bottlenose dolphins and false killer whale in non coastal waters of the Canadian Pacific, which had never been seen before. Not only is it a shock to see these marine mammals outside their natural paths, it could also shock the food chains. These mammals each have a wide range of preys and this could negatively impact the new places they are coming to. They could possibly have a long term effect and disrupt the food chain in certain places and cause even bigger impacts. The author is educating us on these new finding and showing us how climate change is has an effect everywhere.


In my opinion, climate change has a major impact on the world and these marine mammals are caught in it not having a choice. It is important for humans to know the impact we have on the world and how we are negatively changing it.

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