How Can We Help the Ocean?

by Lauranie Phan on Avril 20, 2018 - 2:55pm


      In the article entitled “Reefs help protect vulnerable Caribbean fish from climate change”, a research group from the University of British Colombia found in the Caribbean, big reef areas where protecting fish species living there from the warming of the ocean. Indeed, while the overall fish population in the region has been decreasing due to changes in the temperature, those whose habitat was in the reef have been experiencing a slower decline. Sadly, however, those reefs are slowly disappearing because of many factors such as storms and human pollution. The article believes that if efforts are put to help revive the coral reefs and to regulate the small-scale and subsistence fisheries, we could be able to save the fish populations from a drastic extinction.


      I think that if governments in the Caribbeans and as a matter of fact from all over the world should but their efforts in protecting our still existing species and environment instead of rooting for projects that are degrading our planet. If politicians and multinationals would stop following their own interests and actually opened up to the communities and how they can truly help, we could probably solve a lot more environmental problem.


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