Problems in the Fishing Industries

by Antoine Favreau on Avril 19, 2018 - 2:20pm


The article “Fisheries and the Environment” is an article about the consequences fisheries and overfishing has on the environment. Fisheries are a big part of many small cities economies and overfishing has had a huge impact ecologically and economically at one point. The tool used for fishing has destroyed marine habitat and some species of fish that were not even targeted. Fish are a renewable resource, but overfishing may lead to fishing more fish than the rate they are able to reproduce. A lack of knowledge of the ocean led to many fisheries overfishing and compromising the future of their business at the same time. Fishing the right quantity of fish will be great ecologically but also economically because there would not be a lack of fish that could cause years of bad results. However, it is not only overfishing that causes problem, but the fishing gears that can catch too much fish or destroyed marine habitat like said earlier. It became more of a problem when the industry flourish and a need of better fishing gear was necessary. Finally, because of the lack of fish like cod available to fishing, the industry now aims more towards crabs and shrimps that are lower in the food web. Because of their predators that drops in population, the cod, there are more shrimps and crabs in the ocean which is an alternative for fishers.

            Fisheries are an important economical aspect for many cities all around the ocean, but they bring consequences to the ocean and the fish living in it. Yes, fish are a renewable resource but if they do not have the time to reproduce, they may lower in number and be difficult to fish in acceptable quantity. However, just by changing the ways fisheries works and lower the fishing rate, the number of fish would be constant every year. The following generations will also have the possibility to fish certain species, something that could be changed if too much fish is caught every year.


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