Climate changes

by beatricegiguere on Avril 5, 2018 - 8:35pm

Causes of climate change 


The present article from the government of Canada explains the most important causes of climate changes. The main one is of course as many would guess, human activity. Due to the burning of fossil fuels and the transformation of forest to agricultural lands. The burning of fossil fuels creates a “greenhouse effect” and carbon dioxide. This previous is stuck into the atmosphere which makes the Earth warmer. Greenhouse gases are created by climate forcers, which are substances outside the climate system. They push the climate to be either colder or warmer, the sun could also enter in this category since its radiance changes could force the climate to be warmer. However, greenhouse gases are way faster, thus, way more dangerous. The main solution would implicate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans.  Climate change is a shift in the weather that is on the long-run characterized by changes in precipitation temperature and winds. The Earth’s weather is balanced by its outgoing energy and incoming energy. It is important to note that it is note because some variables of the climate change from the past will not be relevant today, others will count. Factors of climate changes are separated in two, first, there are the factors link to human activities and second, the ones associated to natural processes. Many climate forcers, like carbon dioxide for example, have long-lived impact since it stays longer in the atmosphere  and makes more damages to the environment then short-lived climate forcers. 


Overall, I think that although there are natural causes of climate changes, the burning of fossil fuel especially, is way worse than we think. We have to care more about human impacts since it is changing the climate in an irresistible way.

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