Consequences of Climate Change in Canadian forests

by Antoine Favreau on Avril 4, 2018 - 8:06am


The article I chose to summarize is an explanation of one problem caused by climate change to forest. In Canada, there is a huge amount of forest that is lost because of the harvest for lumber industry, but it is nothing compared to forested lands that are lost to fire and invasive bugs. In the text, it is said that the lumber industry harvested 779 000 hectares of land in 2017. In comparison, fire and invasive bug destroyed 19 million hectares of forested land, which is around 20 times more than lumber industry. There are more pests than ever before, and specialist blame this phenomenon on climate change. When the bugs are settled in the forest, they destroy the tree and it becomes dead wood. Because of climate change, the temperature rises and fires happen more frequently destroying parts of the forest. Fires are necessary for the development of forest but too many can be harmful on the long term. Derik Nighbor, the president of the Forest Products Association of Canada says that actions must be taken to protect Canadian forests. There are few solutions that were proposed to help with the problem of forest and bugs, controlled fire was one of these ideas. This proposed solution consists of starting a fire in a part of the forest where there is a lot of dead wood to rejuvenate this area of the forest. Another proposed solution is planting pest-resistant trees in forests, but like we know, introducing a new kind of species in an area can have bad consequences.

            The majority of people know about climate change but some of his consequences stay unknown to the public like the one in the article I chose. Even if they are less known, they are a danger for the environment and create problems that need to be dealt with. In the case of the bugs, solutions need to be taken in a short amount of time because there are a lot of resources that could be harvested that are destroyed. Many people argue that the lumber industry is one of the worst things that happen to the environment, however, it is nothing compared to what climate change causes to the forests.



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