The Extinction of Wilderness.

by ChaiEl on Mars 13, 2018 - 11:16pm

“Wilderness land set to disappear from planet by 2100 as humans move in” is an article written by Ian Johnston. The subject matter of this news article is to denounce how there is a significant decline in the world’s wild land. Johnston addresses the several causes of wilderness by pointing out the over use of illegal logging, farming, oil, gas exploration and the potentially destructive effects of fires to clear woodland for agriculture. This article suggests that the damages to our forests are not only endangering species but also affecting and causing problems for humans, nature, and creatures already in extinction. That is to say, that the consequences of our actions and how it impacts our ecosystem are not erasable, deforestation and destruction of the environment is not something that can be restored nor irreversible. Further research done on this subject confirmed that there is only 30.1 million square kilometres of nature left on Earth’s land where the article even declares that the Earth is at the Anthropocene level of extinction which is comparable to the meteor that renewed everything 66 million years ago. The article declares, that a change has to be done in order to prevent further damages, it has to be now as we are the principal cause of all the damages we inflict to our planet. Johnston explains how the areas that covered most wilderness on earth such as the Amazon, West Africa, Russia and Indonesia lost most of their nature and flora. To conclude, the article stresses the fact that actions by world government should be taken as promptly.

Opinion: I found this article super interesting as we often forget that we are the main cause of what is going on our planet. We are humans, we like the world to revolve around us, we focus on our well-being and self-interest but we should not forget that we are dependant of what nature offers us. This article really made me realize how much waste we are doing, to have such significant shift in number is quite shocking, on all the land there is on our planet, there’s only 23% of wilderness left. I agree with the author, that measures should be taken as fast as possible.

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