Climate changes changing ecosystems

by audreyannlemieux on Mars 13, 2018 - 8:53pm

In this article “Climate change may bring big ecosystem changes” written by NASA, the issue of global warming and the ways it affects ecosystems is dealt with. Climate change is a big issue globally, it affects the overall temperature of the world, but it also affects ecosystems. This article outlines that different plant and animal species in certain ecosystems are adapted to a certain climate, when these climates change the species need to migrate to places where the climate is adequate for their survival. Researchers studied the relationship between climate change and different ecosystems and they “found a shift in biomes, or major ecological community types”. The article also mentioned the fact that certain species cannot adapt to the climate change at the rate it is changing, they cannot keep up. Some species are dying off due to climate change. This article says that climate change is changing plant communities, but researchers also found climate change will “disrupt the ecological balance between interdependent and often endangered plant and animal species, reduce biodiversity and adversely affect Earth’s water, energy, carbon and other element cycles.” All in all, the article stresses that climate change is not only affecting the world’s temperature, but it is also affecting its many species.

I believe climate change to be a big issue since it affects many aspects of the world and it is an issue that worries me a lot since it keeps getting bigger. Ecosystems are getting destroyed due to increases in temperature and species are becoming endangered. I find this to be sad because our world is a beautiful lace and we take advantage of it and don’t take very good care of it. I think a way we can try to slowly reduce this problem is too reduce our production of greenhouse gases. This is a big step, but if we don’t start soon the situation is only going to deteriorate. More ecosystems are going to change and more species are to disappear. I believe we can turn the situation around if we take action.



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