Climate change may bring big ecosystem changes

by beatricegiguere on Mars 13, 2018 - 8:53pm

This present study’s aim conducted by researchers of NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory and the California Institute of technology of Pasadena was to calculate the Earth’s ecological sensitivity towards climate changes. The study predicted that by 2100, climate changes will modify almost half of the plants communities covering the planet. As a result of rising human-produced greenhouse gases, the Earth’s climate is changing tremendously. This previous affects ecosystems such as where plants live, therefore the researchers investigated to see if these ecosystems would survive in the next three centuries due to human activities. Their projections are very worrying, the strong ecosystem changes will result in many extinction of animals and plants and a crazy amount fighting for survival. Furthermore, the remaining 30% land that would not be cover in ice or desert would suffer also important changes requiring the humans are animals living there to adapt or relocate. Climate changes would also disturb ecological balance, including elements cycles such as energy, carbon, and water. The study also claims that although people have been warned of the danger of global warming, it is still happening and this study shows the ecological impacts including ecosystem changes will lead to species extinctions. Finally, when there is a climate change, plants species often “migrate” to further generations. However the modern accelerated climate changes disturb this concept since they are not adapted to an intense change as the one humans are creating. 

In my opinion, although ecosystems are suppose to change and adapt, human activities completely change them in an artificial way; in a sense that we are the one creating the change not the Earth itself. Due to our pollution, we put not only further human generations but many other living species in danger. I think that although we are aware of the ecological problems we are causing, there is not enough laws in place in order to save the planet. Our society of consumption is still very far away from a society that would have as a goal to save our planet. 

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