change our priorities

by tatyana.borshchyov on Février 23, 2018 - 11:05pm

According to the article “Population Growth Puts Dent in Natural Resources”, population growth will exhaust all the natural resources. One of them will be water and energy. And since only the USA has 305 million people from 6,7 billion, it should be taking seriously to take action towards this critical situation. Criss is one of the researches that is working with his associates to combine as much data on the environment.  Due to his research, he found that around 150 million Americans use nonrenewable ground water everyday. Which leads to low level of ground water in other places. Moreover, with the population growth, the usages of ground water have expended with time. Thus, we should changes the ways the nonrenewable resources and make them apart of our political and religious values.



Washington University in St. Louis. (2008, October 10). Population Growth Puts Dent In Natural Resources. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 23, 2018 from

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