The hunt of fake news

by fn on Février 7, 2018 - 11:49am

If you have a Facebook account, you probably saw one time an article using false information that could potentially influence your opinion on a subject. Well, an article post by the Anna Momigliano from the Washington Post on February 2 2017 is saying that Italy and Facebook as paired up to ban the most fake news as possible from the Facebook feed to make sure that electors from that country could not be influenced by those articles who could lead to disinformation at nearly one month of the election. The way Facebook will proceed to eliminate the most fake news as possible is by tasking fact checkers to hunt down those fake news. This anti-hoax movement as started growing up last year after the United State election, where the number of fake news appearing on social media reach another level, bringing Facebook to began testing some anti-hoax tools. If the hunt of fake news is a great idea for some people, it is also considered by others as a promotion of censorship and could even turn useless because like Arturo Di Corinto, a writer for the Il Manifesto newspaper say, “even if people knows an article is fake, they’ll still believe it because its what they want to believe”. This article can be considered as a credible article because it has be posted by the Washington Post, which is an important newspaper company in the United States established since December 6 1877. Here's the link of the article:


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