Fake porn is not funny

by nicboutin on Février 7, 2018 - 11:47am

While there are lots of fake news flying all over the web, a new trend of those fraudulent news is making an entrance in the world of net, fake porn. This disturbing tendency is create by users of the internet by using some old videos or pictures of a celebrity and then, they do a montage and put all inside a pornographic video.  The first fake porn video was a film of wonder woman actress, Gal Gadot.

This fake trend wasn’t over after one video, now the users push harder and they create an app. This app helping many people to recreate those fake porn video. You don’t have to be a expert because the app do all of the work. It’s pretty simple, according to Motherboard, a news website online who made an investigation about this app, you upload a pornographic video and you find picture of your victim and by just one click, the work is done.

This fake porn tendency have many consequences. Someone jealous of is ex can do an X-rated video with this app and this can goes really far. This trend can lead to a world where you cannot trust anymore the video on the Internet.

Can it be stop? There are many websites that are able to block those videos but the issue is that there will always exist hackers who are ready to push harder to do more. 


Nicolas Boutin

Summary of the news: Fake porn is the new fake news

By Nicolas Lee


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