The person behind the fake news

by camilledarveau on Février 7, 2018 - 11:23am

The article I chose is about a person who writes fake news. The author is anonymous, the title of his article is “Experience: I write fake news” and he published it in January 2018 ( The author of the article was a student and he was starting to run out of money. He looked for a job and found out he could write fake news. At first, the articles he wrote were mostly against companies and he did not make much money out of it. With time, he made more and more money to write fake things about guns. He does not feel bad about his job even though he says he does not believe what he writes. Some people probably believe everything he says, but that is the goal of his job. He sees what he does as an easy way to make money without having to work much. He simply writes the opposite of what he thinks. His friends know about his job and they find it funny, they do not see anything wrong with what he does for a living. He wants to continue this job as long as he is well paid because it is easy money for him.
The article I chose is probably not credible for a couple of reasons. As I said, the author is anonymous which means anyone could have written it and it is published on a site where everyone can publish what they want.

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