The World is Becoming Violent Again

by Muscle Konishi on Décembre 29, 2017 - 11:08pm

Steven Pinker said on the National Public Radio in 2016 that the world is becoming more peaceful. On the other hand, The Telegraph News (2017) said that the world is becoming more violent. Some people say that the world is going to be peaceful and others say the world is going to be bad and violently. I think the world is becoming violent now. There are two reasons which can prove why the world is becoming violently. The first reason is the relationship between North Korean and USA. The second reason is the situation of Syrian front.

North Korea was designated as a terrorism-support country by U.S. President Donald Trump. The reason is the North Korean government launched long-range ballistic missiles as their strategic weapon to show their army technological capability to the world. In addition, they ignore UN’s official announcements about North Korea’s nuclear test. North Korea and USA are in a tense relationship lately. USA is dispatching their NAVY to the Japan Sea and North Korea is trying to launch missiles more. If this situation continues, the surrounding countries like China, Korea and Japan might be dragged into war between North Korea and USA. Now, the situation like children spat, but the Asian countries need to find a strategy to prevent the war.

UNHCR said the number of refugees in this world is about 65.6 million in 2017. It’s the highest record. Most refugees ran away from Syria because of the civil war. There are some organizations are fighting, such as ISIS, anti-government rebels and government force. The USA, France and Russia tried to finish this civil war by air bombing and peace talks, but the situation is still not changing. There are many countries that accepted refugees to help them. However, some refugees went over to the terrorists and killed many citizens. Therefore, many countries are giving a flat refusal accepting them to maintain their countries public order. Germany has been set up to help them. Nevertheless, the situation is not changing. Moreover, the number of refugees are increasing even now. UN had peace talks again and again, but they could not solve this issue. The wars are not eliminated from the world because humans bulldoze their justice to others. However, we can corporate each other to maintain the peace.

According to these two facts, I proof that the world is becoming more violent. Some other violence sometimes occurs in the world. If the USA and North Korea started the war, other surrounding countries might be dragged into that and the third world war might happen. The third world war might kill all creatures and even humans might destroy the earth. Now, we should maintain peaceful situation to save the earth and our life.


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