Justin Trudeau and Sexual Assault

by emillyorsini on Décembre 8, 2017 - 2:35pm


This article begins by Justin Trudeau bringing up the subject on sexual assault in the workplace. He believes canadians should change their mentality to express this issue. Trudeau expresses that once in Mcgill university he worked in a sexual assault center. He was shocked to see that this issue still remains and not much work had been done against it. Trudeau remembered a person once complaining that if a female comes out expressing the assault that a life was ruined. Trudeau responds with “what about the 99 young women who don't come forward and how their live are ruined?” With this response he see’s something must be done.  

With accusations already made in office on sexual assault, Trudeau now has a zero tolerance policy for harassment. Questions asked if Canadian workers not in federal workplaces would be protected. Trudeau responds by expressing that there is many things to be fixed but more importantly social change is needed. He wishes anyone involved in harassment to step up so something can be done.

I agree with what Trudeau states, yet i’m not too sure about it. I also believe, like him that there should be things done for people being assaulted anywhere. That mindsets should change so the issue can be easier to handle. I’m not sure though, if Trudeau is serious to his word. Where he stands, he has a lot of power on the situation but, if he really does something about it is the real question. He knows that people are in these difficult situations but, what can be the real answer to really address this issue?


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