Feminism; a Word That Should Not be Scary

by Sarah_B on Décembre 7, 2017 - 10:28am

This paper demonstrates how feminism is not what a majority of people think. It gives the real and unique definition of the feminist movement and its history. Feminism did not appear out of nowhere and has a unique goal; equality. In this research paper, there are real statistics and proof on how woman are perceived less than man. There are sections about the influence that society has on the youth, the arranged marriage, the economic wage difference between a man and a woman for the same job, the rape culture and the need of men in the movement. It also brings a fresh idea on how important the movement is in today’s society by pointing out events that happened recently here, in Canada, and all around the world. By reading this paper, you will realise whether you are a sexist or a feminist and how being an “equalist” is the same as being a feminist.  

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