Hate Speech or Freedom of speech ?

by Antoine Longval on Décembre 4, 2017 - 12:09am

KKK on the rise


The article I decided to present is an article on freedom of speech. More precisely, the articles talk about the differences between Canada and the United States on their freedom of speech tolerance. In the United states, they have a constitution that defend every groups, even groups that are promoting hate speech such as the KKK and white nationalist groups. These groups are identified and considered like every other groups that have their own worldview and have the right to promote their ideas. The problem is that such groups are a threat to the society. On the other hand, in Canada, promoting hate speech can result in jail sentence. The incident that happened in Charlottesville would probably not happened in Canada based on Barbara Perry, a University of Ontario Institute of Technology professor who studies hate crimes. She thinks that because of our history that is a lot less violent and a lot less racist than the United States, incident like Charlottesville wouldn’t happen here, in Canada. However, white nationalist groups are growing more and more within the Canadian population. I personally think that we should banned all groups that promote any hate speech on any race or community. I believe in freedom of speech, but when it comes to disrespecting a community such as wanting to hurt them and kill them it’s going too far. It’s not respecting basic human rights. Hate speech groups such as the KKK are bringing nothing good to a community but anger and hatred. With the recent events in Charlottesville, I think we can say that white supremacist groups don’t have their place in our society anymore. They are promoting violent behaviors and acts that are not welcomed in our community anymore. My personal worldview is against hate speech groups, I believed in human respect and equality. Freedom of speech still remain very important, it’s a right that we gain through battles and we need to keep that right. I do not think that freedom of speech should be regulated by the government or anyone. Freedom of speech is a right to allow civilians to express and declare whatever they want. However,  their should be a universal rule that freedom of speech should not be allowed to groups that are promoting hate speech.


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