For or against pit bull ban?

by aisha on Décembre 3, 2017 - 10:03pm

On August 21st 2017, the city of Montreal sent a letter to 520 pit bull owners who did not  abide by the requirements of registering their dog, telling them to get rid of their dogs within the next four weeks. This article provides readers with the awareness of Yannick Quemart’s situation. Quemart is a citizen of Montreal who has received this letter from the city of Montreal. He has considered moving away in order to keep his pit bulls with him ad his family, but he has children who are in school. He says he spent up to 1,000 dollars to get his two dogs registered and was only missing a police background check. One small requirement was left before receiving the letter. He along with his family consider his dogs to be part of their family. Along with many families left in distress, the SPCA is in a tough spot as well. Pit bull owners are left with the options of either bringing their dogs to a different municipality or to put them in a shelter. This is what causes the SPCA to be in a crisis, because they do not have enough space for more dogs in their shelter. To solve this problem the SPCA decided to ask owners to send them a letter explaining their situation. The SPCA, along with their lawyer Sophie Gaillard, believes that the way the bylaw was enforced was irresponsible and not well planned out, since it targets people who are actually trying to obey the law. Julius Grey, constitutional lawyer, called this act inhumane and a greater extension should be given. However, the city of Montreal stood by its decision, and pit bulls had to be placed elsewhere within those 4 weeks. As a person who loves animals and has owned many pets in their lifetime, I do not agree with the city of Montreal’s decision to ban pit bulls in the first place, but also to give owners only four weeks to find a place to put them and say their goodbyes. I agree with the SPCA and the lawyers that this act is inhumane and badly planned out. Chaos would occur in shelters in those 4 weeks. I do not understand how these owners can cope with this demand this weight being put on their shoulders. It really is like getting a family member taken away from you. I also believe that this causes a lot of stress on the pit bulls as well, because they have to get used to a new environment. They are no longer in the comfort of their homes. They are now in noisy shelters with cages full of other barking dogs who are all scared. 


Was it ok for the city of Montreal to ban pit bulls?



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