Should the US legalize marijuana

by aisha on Décembre 3, 2017 - 9:03pm


This article explains the pros of legalizing marijuana in the United States. It provides 9 reasons, all of which are fact checked. Since 2001, Medical marijuana in Canada has been legal. Marijuana is proven to to be a useful medical substance, but legalizing it even for non-medical use does not cause much addiction problems as we think. For example, reason number seven of the article explains how it is not as dangerous as many other things that are legal. Excessive use of alcohol is responsible for around 88,000 deaths per year. Cigarettes are responsible for around 480,000 deaths each year. Lastly, overdoses on prescription drugs are responsible for an 25,000 deaths annually. Marijuana has been responsible for zero reported cases of overdoses. Impairment of driving ability is an effect, though it is avoidable. Furthermore, reason number two of the article says that the rumour that marijuana is a “gateway drug” is not completely true. It is true that regular users are more likely to try cocaine and other drugs than those who do not smoke, but there is not enough evidence to prove it is because of weed. Many other drugs are highly more addictive according to reason number 8 of the article. Cigarettes, alcohol, opioids and even caffeine are more addictive than marijuana. In fact, 91 percent of people who have smoked weed have not gotten addicted. It costs a lot to enforce laws on marijuana violations. The money could be used elsewhere. 600,000 people were arrested due to marijuana possession according to a report by Human Rights watch and the ACLU in 2016. The cost of keeping those people in jail and the court system is enormous. The states of Colorado and Washington have proven that marijuana does not cause an increase in crimes. Denver has picked up slightly in recent years in crime, but there’s nothing that proves or suggests it has to do with the legalization of marijuana. It actually makes up less than only 1 percent of all offences. The article further expands that if the US legalizes marijuana it will add tens of billions of dollars to the economy instantly. In 2010, CNBC estimated between 10 billion dollars and 120 billion dollars annually. The government can make a lot of tax revenue from legalizing marijuana, which can be used in some government programs. Colorado made around 70 million dollars in the first year of legalizing marijuana, and around 200 million dollars the following year in taxes. Legalizing marijuana can also reduce dangerous drug cartels and illegal crossings of the border, which can save lives. Lastly, taking us back to reason number one of the article, 57 percent of Americans want marijuana to be legal. I believe the US should legalize marijuana for these reasons. There is no way to try to argue against these arguments, because they are all facts. There are way more benefits to the legalization of marijuana more than there are negative consequences that have not been discussed in the article as well. 


Should the United States legalize marijuana?