Final Project: Exposed to the Truth of Youth & Employment

by she2lby on Novembre 27, 2017 - 6:03pm

Throughout this semester, there was one subject that interested me the most; it was the future of employment and the current situation for the employment industry. I have touched on a few topics involving this theme such as labour laws, unemployment, and technology advancement in the workforce. The reason why this issue intrigued me is that soon I will be entering the workforce and I was curious to find out if there will be jobs available as well as the state the work environment. In an article called “Feds open panel exploring youth employment in Canada” published on October 17, 2016, for Global News written by Jordan Press, talks about how youth are not able to find jobs now. The article talks about how even people with degrees are unable to find good paying jobs. The goal of the article is to find a solution to how to fix this problem. This made me interested in how we can fix the issue of employment and solve this problem together. Then my NewsActivist teacher sent us a message about a new Youth2Tech conference located in Montreal who needed volunteers. The conference is designed to introduce youth to the future and will present how technology is shaping the new economy. I felt this conference could be one of many solutions to help the youth go into the workforce with a more unobstructed view of how to become successful.


How I planned to volunteer and make a difference is to attend the conference, the workshops, and all the activities that will be happening throughout the weekend. My job is to observe the conference as a whole and meet with Diana Mihaela Baranga, one of the founders of UpStartED afterward to give a full review about the positives and negatives of the conference.



But during the conference, I surprised to find myself inspired by the talks that were given about how we have to change our perspective on how we want to enter the workforce, and we have to follow our passions in life to make the most of it. Overall, my observations were that the audience they tried to target was too big and maybe too young to understand some of the concepts, but I feel that it would be more beneficial for secondary 4 and 5. The workshops that I did attend I thought they were a little unorganized and that the group wasn’t focused on the task at hand. Even with all the negatives aspects that I named there were tons of positives too. The elements that stood out the most was the integration of technology in the conference by having an application for the conference that allowed students to have the schedule and information about the speakers/guest. Also, they were able to post on the platform and were able to message other student attending the conference as well. Another aspect was that the students were able to talk to the speakers outside of the talks to ask them personal questions, and how they were separated into the different group to make them more diverse. My overall suggestion to the founders was to shorten the workshops and have fewer speakers to that the students had more time to learn about their success and have the chance to ask questions.


Application for the conference.


Picture of me at the conference.


One of the workshops.


One of the speakers.


This is a summary of the review I had given Diana at the end of the conference, but my job at the conference was different than my goal. While attending this discussion I wanted to see if this was an efficient way to get this generation know about their future and what the future of employment is going to be in a few years. The answer to this question is yes this is a way to educate the youth about the ever-changing world around them, but there is one issue that I noticed. The detail that I saw is that the younger generation no matter how much information is available to them about their future, they have no interested in learning about it yet because the mindset is that they have time to think about it later. So I found a new question and problem; how do we get this generation to realize at a younger age how important it is to start thinking about the future of employment now?

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