Action Research Project - Collecting plastic

by mplescia on Novembre 12, 2017 - 10:50pm

Recycle & Reuse


What is our goal?


Our goal for this project is to make use and profit out of plastics that would have cost us money otherwise.


Why are we pursuing this goal?


We are pursuing this goal because it is much eco-friendlier to make use of what was already processed than to send it who knows where. Also, so much recycling is wasted when food or other such products are thrown into the recycling bin. This is leads to being able to reuse so much less materials.


How will we achieve this goal?


We will achieve this goal by spreading plastic bottles and containers around the school that we will then ship to a company called PVC Enterprise who will buy it from us, based on how much and what type of plastic we have. This company makes use of all the plastic they receive, creating minimal to no waste.


Who will be doing what?


Eric: Designing posters for the containers

Marco and Kevin: Taking care of campaign to spread the news

Laurent and Xavier: Collecting the plastic every day


Is our timeline for completion realistic?


From this day, we have 20 days to do this work. I believe it is a feasible task as once the bins are set, all we have to do is collect them for a week and get them inspected and sold.


What are potential impacts of such a project?


This project will help reduce everybody’s carbon footprint as we will be wasting less resources and making profit. This means that there won’t have to be as much items produced by companies which play a big part in global warming. As a species, we consume much more than we are supposed to and much more than we have to.


How much will the project cost?


For the cost it will only be printing the posters to put on the containers. Once we assemble all the plastic collected, we will call PVC Enterprise, a company based in Ontario, who will buy our plastic from us, free of charge.


Where will the funding come from?


We have our $50 to start with and some of the money generated by the magic trick and the video game tournament groups.


How many hours will we need to invest?


The time invested will be used to collect the plastic bottles and containers bins and to contact the companies who will buy the plastics.


What materials and support will we need?


We will need to school recycling and their permission to add the plastic bottles and containers and take the recycling. Which we already have, we talked to Suzie Cooper and then her boss about our project.


Do we show adequate research to support our claims?


Sources are stated at the end


Do you need to follow any rules or seek permission to carry out this project? If so, who do we need to speak to? Do we have that contact information?


We have already spoken with Champlain and we have permission to do so, specifically with Suzie Cooper and her boss.


Addressed concerns:


  1. The school already supplied us with 7 recycling bins that were not previously in use and we have already spread them out across the school during free block. The reason why we need these bins is because they will be specifically used for dumping plastics, that we will then send to PVC Enterprise so that they can reuse them and make use of the material however they wish. This will reduce the complexity of the project and make it easier to complete within the given time frame. Sure, we cannot guarantee that all of the stuff thrown in these new bins will all be plastic, but at least the posters that we put up above them as well as the poster that we sent to Dave in order to be advertised on the school screens (saying that these bins are for plastic only) will ensure that we get a bigger percentage of the material we want (plastic) in our bins compared to the regular recycling bins that people throw paper and aluminum cans into. Thus, these bins are essential because they will likely facilitate our task afterwards.


  1. Our goal is not to “spread plastic bottles and containers all around the school”. In fact, what we want to do is make sure that more people throw away their plastic bottles and containers in the right place instead of making it go to waste in the garbage. Also, the fact that we will be selling the collected plastic bottles to a company that will pay us for them and reuse them will not only allow the plastics to be put back into circulation instead of being thrown away into dumps, it will also allow us to make some money off of these recycled plastics that we can then donate to the Champlain Go Green foundation. Really, it’s a win-win for everybody, and that is why we modified our project.


  1. Based on newly acquired information from the company that we were able to contact just recently, the estimated selling price for our plastic bottles and containers (a.k.a. the price at which they are willing to buy from us) is about 50 cents/kg. Assuming we are able to collect as much as 1000 pounds of plastic (our previous goal with Ecodot), which is equivalent to about 450 kg of plastic, we would be making a total profit of 225$. Considering the fact that we are no longer paying for the shipping (PVC Enterprise comes to pick it up), this seems like a fair amount that we will then be able to donate to the Champlain Go Green foundation. Hopefully, if everything goes well, we will be able to collect that much, and if not, we still have no actual cost for the project (except for the posters we printed), so any profit at all is good in our opinion.



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