Deep in the Soil

by etienne on Novembre 9, 2017 - 3:02pm

Geothermal is a kind of renewable energy that comes from the Earth’s internal heat. How does it work? Water runs through the pipes, goes all around the house and finally comes back in the soil. Water comes from deep in the ground. This water has been heated in the Earth by the natural temperature in the ground.  After, the water comes back in the house to heat the house. During the summer, it is the same concept except that the water that comes from the soil is cooler than the temperature in the house. In fact, this action can cool the temperature in the house. This renewable energy cost between 15 000$ and 25 000$. It has an approximate lifetime between 18 and 23 years. It pays back in a range of two to ten years. It is also possible to produce electricity from geothermal.  Before the water comes to heat or cool the house, pipes that contains the water pass into another water container. This heats up the water until it boils. The steam that is produced is collected and guided to a turbine. When the steam arrives at the turbine, electricity is produced. Geothermal as many advantages: no burning of fossil fuels, available all year long, relatively inexpensive and many more. It also has some disadvantages: the release of hydrogen sulfide, the disposal of used fluids that contains little toxins and it’s not available everywhere.

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