Surroundings and evolution shape human sight, smell and taste

by elizabethnad on Novembre 7, 2017 - 10:09pm

The article I had the pleasure of reading indicates a growing problem caused by our current surroundings and the human race’s evolution. In fact, our ancestors spent most of their time in the outdoors and with the large presence of fresh air and natural lighting, their senses developed in a healthy way. Today, because of technology, time spent indoors by humans is significantly more than what it used to be, causing modifications to our vision. This is largely due to the artificial lighting present indoors, and has caused the rates of myopia and nearsightedness to drastically increase in the past couple of years. Thanks to glasses, contact lenses and eye surgery, this problem can, in most cases, be solved. What concerns scientists is that non-human primates may not know how to deal with global darkening. Also, our sense of smell can be affected by pollutants that are becoming more present in the air. Indeed, it has been proven that people who live in polluted environments have a diminished sense of smell and it is important to understand that our smelling abilities can modify our mental, social and physical health. Some scientists encourage humans to include more fermented foods into their diet, because of all the health benefits they have like for example promoting a healthy gastrointestinal microbiome. Humans aren’t going to change their life habits, so adding this type of food to their diet could possibly aid in solving this ongoing problem.


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Personally, I best relate to this article, because the problem of diminishing senses would be of concern to all humans, including me. I think that the elements present help describe the problem and how important it is for humans to be aware of the outcomes. They need to be aware of what they could possibly go through. Having read this article, I will definitely try and change some of my unhealthy habits in order to stay clear of the possible repercussions. For most people, the five senses are taken for granted, but in reality, they shouldn’t be for the simple reason that these senses are used in every second of our lives. This article made me realise that as us humans evolve, the environment around us is degrading. In fact, air pollution is something that needs to stop or at least decrease if humans don’t want to harm their senses. The article also includes all of the important information concerning this problem. It is described in a comprehensive way; the consequences are very clearly stated and solutions are outlined to try and eliminate this situation. I believe this article has the power to help open lots of eyes towards this problem.

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