Homelessness and Returns to Shelters

by DeborahLaroche on Novembre 2, 2017 - 11:39am


On April 22, 2017, the Montreal Times published and article title “Montreal Homelessness Worse than Ever”. The author Sergio Martinez argues that the action plan put in place by Mayor Coderre back in December of 2015 is ineffective. Homelessness is still a big issue in Montreal because the root causes of the problem aren’t being addressed, for example alcohol or drug abuse. In a study conducted by Annie T. Duchesne, David W. Rothwell: “What leads to homeless shelter re-entry? An exploration of the psychosocial, health, contextual and demographic factors”, the authors explain that what leads homeless individuals to return to shelters is usually a lack of support either from friends and/or family, or from the government. In fact, as Martinez explains, there needs to be more programs put in place not only to prevent homelessness but to support the individuals who are trying to get back on their feet. The study also indicates another problem, imposed departures form shelters due to lack of space for everyone in need. In sum, both articles explains that there are many problems in relation to homelessness that aren’t being addressed. More program should be put in place for problems like substance, shelters and the government need to work together in order to help individuals get back on their feet and have a lower chance of re-entering shelters, and there should be more help available for the individuals to have a healthy support-system. 


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