Are You Your Aesthetic?

by India-Lynn on Octobre 25, 2017 - 9:52pm

My first thought when it comes to aesthetic is the assorted memes relating to this song: and the vapourwave musical movement. Aesthetic in the sense of these memes and the vapourwave music genre means chill, and smooth, while pleasing to the ears and eyes. I feel that these characteristics encompass the true meaning of aesthetic, which describes the beauty and taste of a person or thing.

My personal aesthetic involves many colors and patterns, and I try to match these as well as I can and as often as I can. When all the aspects of my outfit or drawing or living space or anything whose design is of my creation are matching, it gives me peace of mind. By "matching", I mean that elements are not out of place, colors complement each other, and there is a balance between everything. Its satisfying when things flow, and are nice to look at.

Clothing wise, I don't usually follow the trends, and tend to wear what I like and what's comfortable. T-shirts are my go-to clothing item, due to their versatiliy in outfit match-ups and colors/graphic design. I am also a fan of leggings and earrings. My concerns with my current aesthetic isn't what it looks like, I am quite content with my efforts to maintain color and flow, as well as a unique quirkyness. I am concerned with its longevity as I mature, and enter the professional workplace. I will no longer be able to wear all of the colors that I do, and the t-shirts and leggins that I commonly sport. I am okay with this though, because I can still sneak in my personal touch through a colorful and tasteful accessory. I believe that I have some sort of fashion sense, in the sense that I know what is appropriate for when and where, and what suits my body, so I see a bright future of aesthetic evolution within my appearal over time.

As of right now, I believe that I do fit my aesthetic for the reasons stated previously, but I still have a few qualms about it. Sometimes I feel like wearing lots of color and liking cute accessories equates to immaturity and childishness, which I obviously do not want to convey through my wardrobe nor personality. I don't want what I wear, what I like or how I decorate to cause others to assume all sorts of incorrect things about me before they even know how I truly am. I know I can't control what others think nor do I wish to do so, it just sucks to think that people will assume I'm a certain way based on my "aesthetic". And to a certain extent we are all guilty of juging people in this same way.

In short, I think that I am my aesthetic right now because I like it, but it doesn't nessesarily fit what I want to be projected/perceived about myself by others.


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