Want to Help Raise Awareness for Mental Health?

by lulumgomes on Octobre 21, 2017 - 11:55pm

A lot of stigma is attached to the term “mental health”, somehow when it comes to mental illness, society loses all empathy towards sufferers. However, mental health is as important as physical health and we must stop stigmatizing this disease and stop diminishing the people affected by it. In this article published by CBC News, a filmmaker decided to create The Rise Up Project, where people talk about their mental illness in order to help break the stigma around it. There are also various organizations that offer support to people suffering from mental illnesses and that also want to raise awareness and action against mental health stigma. Here a few organizations that I personally have found very interesting:

Montreal Walks for Mental Health is an organization whose mission is to “increase public awareness about mental health and eliminate stigma and discrimination towards people living with mental illness and those who support them”. This foundation has found an easy and fun way to help raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental illness, and that is by walking the streets of Montreal with a community that has the same goal. This year, the annual walk took place Sunday October 15th, 2017 and they will be back for another walk in 2018. Everyone is welcome to walk against mental health stigma; the event is free and open to people of all ages. If you are interested in helping this event take place and learn more about this organization you can send an email to walk4mh@mtlmarche.com or call at 514-935-5770. Here is their website in case you want more information http://mtlwalks.com/.

Revivre is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to help those living with anxiety, depressive or bipolar disorders, and their loved ones”. They have a more personal approach to provide support to people affected with mental illness. Revivre focuses on “listening and providing information and references, as well as self-management support for mental health”. They offer various workshops that are available to sign up on their website http://www.revivre.org/. If you are interested in volunteering for this foundation you can call 514-529-3081 post 221, or you can email benevolat@revivre.org.

AMIquébec – action on mental health is an organization that helps families “manage the effects of mental illness through support, guidance, and advocacy”. Their audience includes those affected by mental illness and families that have a loved one suffering from mental illness. Their program is accessible for everyone, because it is free. AMIquébec offer various workshops that give information about mental health related issues in order to end the stigma attached to it. They have various volunteering posts available, such as an editor and translator for documents. If you are interested in helping this organization you can sign up on their website: http://amiquebec.org/volunteer/, or you can call 514-486-1448. 

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