India’s coming urban mega crisis

by MahroshKhan on Octobre 7, 2017 - 11:00am

The article “India’s coming urban mega crisis” by R. Srinivasan, discusses the urban challenges due the rapid arrival of large amounts of people from rural areas to cities. The goal of the article is to direct attention to this urban expansion that the country is not prepared for. The author's arguments are supported by numerous polls and statistics illustrating the recent growth of the population and of the number of cities. On the whole, the article explains how many citizens come to search for economic opportunities and better conditions in urban areas. However, the reality of these cities is that they are not ready for the high influx of migrants and that there are not efficient infrastructures and services in place to accommodate the people. Therefore, urban planning is promptly needed to solve the crisis.

I personally think that urban planning is crucial especially in developing countries since a poor and inaquedate development of the city causes more serious problems to appear in cities. For instance, the lack of housing will result into overcrowding which leads to more critical issues such as an increasing urban population living in slums. Moreover, social inequality grows even more because the poor suffer the most in this type of society. They do not have access to necessary services such as education, proper sanitary facilities, etc. The governement possesses the responsibility to prevent the situation from getting worse by taking action to ensurean appropriate expansion of cities. 




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