Laws to be made in order to prevent English speaking people

by alexis1solis on Février 18, 2013 - 2:01am

The English-rights activists in Quebec are concerned about a new language law because they believe it infringes on their rights. The new law is intended to strengthen Bill 101, which is to increase the French Language in Quebec.  Protestors, who had gathered outside of Premiere Pauline Marois’s office, claim that they feel they are under attack by the Parti Quebecois government.  The group of protestors is worried about the new rules that are designed to encourage French in small businesses, municipalities and post- secondary education. Bill 14 would make it more difficult for municipalities to maintain its bilingual status. The Parti Quebecois’s law would also make it harder for students from French education system to attend English junior-colleges.

Even though some might think that what Pauline Marois is doing is right, I completely disagree with this. We live in a country where English is mostly spoken, and even though Quebec is the only French speaking province, people should be allowed to speak or attend English or French schools. People should obviously know how to speak and write in French, but they shouldn’t be forced to only speak French and forget about English. People should be allowed to choose whatever language they wish to speak.

Personally, I liked this article because it is very interesting and it is an issue that I hear people complain about every day. Even though I might disagree with what Marois is trying to do, some might disagree with my opinion. I think that the Parti Quebecois should allow people to decide on whether or not they want to attend English or French schools and whether or not to allow French or English in their small businesses.  If I could do something about it, I would gather a lot of people who share the same thoughts as I do, and I would go protest in front of Marois’s office until something is done because I think that people are old and mature enough to choose what languages they want to speak.



Benjamin Shingler, February 17, 2013, “New Language law sparks English-rights protest in Quebec”.