Climate Denial in Canadian Politics

by Matthill31 on Septembre 21, 2017 - 3:28pm

Matthew Hill

Umrick Singh

Luka Guenette Larocque

Climate Denial in Canadian Politics


Climate change is a very real and growing issue for the future of our planet and of the human race. Although the scientific proof is overwhelimng and very convincing, governments from countries all over the world continue to deny it and treat it as a natural occurence that we can't do anything about; Canada being one of them. Climate change is being denied in order for more people to make money in politics. Although Canada has made a bigger effort towards helping global warming than the US, the majority of Conservatives still say it isn't real. Rather than making an effort to make bigger transititons towards renewable energy, Canada has still recently spoken about wanting to install more pipelines in Alberta for bitumen transportation and added a liquefied natural gas terminal in Vancouver, BC, in 2015. "It's as if they don't really understand the seriousness of climate change or its causes." ("Just Cool It", David Suzuki, p.75). Over the years, Canadian deniers have made numerous arguments proving their lack of education on the topic. Examples would be that the climate is actually getting colder, not warmer, humans are not responsible for the heating of the planet, humans are partly responsible, but benefits will be better than the resulting costs and that essentially it doesn't mean we need to change anything we're doing. Many of these arguments contradict each other. They say we're not responsible, but that at the same time we are but we don't need to do anything about it. Others will finally admit that climate change is real but that it would be too expensive to try and fix or that it's too late to try and fix. Each of these claims have been disproved through scientific studies. Canada is among the numerous countries like the US, Russia, Venezuela and Australia that relies heavily on fossil fuels to run its economy. In result, a main reason for why so many people deny it is because the people in government are those who make the most money off the selling of fossil fuels. They rather make money now than think about saving the future of our race from so many tragedies simply by making changes from using coal, oil, and gas to using more water, solar energy, thermal energy and wind powered energy. Canadian population has criticized prime minister Justin Trudeau for not living up to promises he made regarding changes he said he would make to help the environment. The main example being his approving to install the natural gas pipelines in Alberta. 

To conclude, it's very obvious that climate change and global warming is a rapidly growing problem that needs to be taken seriously before it gets out of hand. Countries like Canada are the reason for why it's taking us so long to make heavy permanent changes to how we live. The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is critical to be able to lower global temperatures to stop sea level rise and to stop the increasing number of worldwide natural disasters. Politicians deny the existence and importance of global warming in order to make more fossil fuel money. We need politicians to care more about the future of the human race than they do about their personal wealth.


"Just Cool It" by David Suzuki