Drones, a possibility of a rise in security... or a potential danger?

by JulianLa on Février 17, 2013 - 10:11pm

According to an article from the New York Times by Somini Sengupta on February 15th, 2013, drones are becoming more and more used for law enforcement. However, many people are very uncomfortable with these new devices. Some have suspicions that they are being used by the government for surveillance purposes. Even though technologies used to capture video footage exists now like cameras for catching speeders. Drones, for some reason, cause discomfort within the population. Some protests against these drones have risen as well as some states banning their use.

These drones are probably are very good idea. They can potentially help the police and the populations workload and such. Although like every ones worries suggest, they have a high chance of being used for spying purposes. I think it isn't too great of an idea to get attached to such machines as it can dull our senses of danger. If the police get too used to these little flying gadgets, then in result it could affect their working behaviors. The police were made to guard the city they are in, not sit back and watch, a potentially very dangerous item if it were to malfunction or get hacked by terrorists or criminals. Drones are a definite possibility, but certainly not at the current level of technology that this world currently has to offer.