Just a Halloween Joke

by rebekah_02 on Septembre 8, 2017 - 10:37am

When Rebeka was young, she went to a Halloween party at her friend Katy. She and the other kids (almost teenagers) were telling each other scary stories. Rebeka and her friend Katy wanted to scare their other friends even more, so they made a plan: Rebeka would tell the others that she had to go to the washroom, but would scare them out by knocking on the window just behind them.

So, she went outside, and, during time Katy was telling a new scary story to their friends, Rebeka knocked on the window and disappeared. When she got back in the house, she saw one of the girls breathing heavily: she was doing a panic attack.
She and her friends had luck that night because Katy’s mom was upstairs to supervise the party. Her mom was a nurse, so she knew as well what to do to help Lorie, the girl who made a panic attack. Once Lorie was okay, everyone got their calm back, except for Rebeka and Katy. They felt very bad and henceforth understood how much damages just a little joke could do. Rebeka promised herself to never do a thing like that again. Today, she is calm and straight.

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