Be Ready, Before It's Too Late!

by Shyanne on Septembre 6, 2017 - 9:43pm

Be Ready, Before It’s Too Late!


The article “How Houston’s layout may have made its flooding worse”  by Thom Patterson last updated August 31, 2017 speaks about the Tropical Storm that hit Houston, Texas leaving the city flooded. Experts are convinced that if the urban design was better and if they had stricter regulations, there would be less damage to the city.


There are three big factors that “threw Houston under the bus” during/after the storm. First being urban sprawl, the article states that although Houston’s downtown population hasn’t changed much, its suburbs continue to grow. This means that all the concrete that’s being put all over the city makes it harder to absorb stormwater into the ground. Secondly, Houston has weak rules and regulations. They believe that its policies underestimate the potential hazards of flooding considering that Houston is a low-lying city in a coastal floodplain that’s often a target for Gulf hurricanes. Lastly, the city of Houston has poor reservoir and land management. The article explains that there are dams in Houston but they were built in 1930, long before a lot of the buildings and homes that are now built there. Now, with all the the properties there, they come in the water’s path.


The article proves to be a reliable source because I have done a variety of research to make sure the article is reliable. The article comes from CNN, and they have demonstrated a variety of proof to be reliable over the years. Also, I have read other articles about this topic with demonstrates that it’s legitimate news. Thom Patterson, the man who wrote this article is a senior producer at CNN who has written a variety of articles that prove to be reliable.


Shyanne Wylie-Gordon

August 4, 2017


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