What Happens When You Put Coral in a Hot Tub?

by she2lby on Septembre 5, 2017 - 10:53pm

On March 15, 2017, Joshua Robertson wrote an article for the Guardian based on the effects global warming has had on the Great Barrier Reef. A new study has shown that global warming has caused a rise in the temperature of the oceans and with this, we have seen now three mass bleaching events to the coral.

Bleached coral happens when it is exposed to high water temperatures for a week or more and polyps, the animal that keeps the coral alive rejects it. The colour of the coral then disappear and become replaced with a white colour. If the constants high rise persists for too long, it will cause the coral to die.

In 2016, the mass bleaching event killed 22% of the coral. Also, a study has shown that 91% of the coral on the reef been affected by the bleaching. After the coral does die, there is a possibility that the coral can be brought back to life, if there are enough fish to eat the algae off the dead coral. Even with enough fish, it takes fast-growing corals about 10 to 15 years to grow back completely, and longer-lived corals could take up to many decades.

With this, we must act fast to decrease global warming to ensure that we can preserve the reef for many years to come. People talk about global warming on the news regularly and how it has been affecting our temperatures, but some even people in government position denied that it is a real threat, and some people feel that they can’t change anything.

In fact, if everyone in the world used less energy or took the bus more often then we can make a difference. If everyone does something little, it can have a significant impact without realizing it, it all starts with one.

There are many articles out on the internet or on the media that has been giving people the wrong information about the effects of global warming, but this article is trustworthy source being that it comes from the Guardian and Joshua Robertson.

The Guardian is a popular newspaper that is known throughout the world and is one of the most respected newspaper in the world. They have won many awards that have shown they're excellent in journalism. Also, Joshua Robertson has not only worked for the Guardian but the Courier-Mail and the Sunday Mail. 

These reasons are why I believe that the Guardian and Joshua Robertson are reliable and that the global warming that has been destroying the reefs and corals around the world is a serious problem. We must now take rapid action to decrease our carbon emissions and reduce global warming.


Photo - Bleaching Coral - credits to Wikipedia

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