Huge Threat on an Important Species

by Audrey R. on Septembre 5, 2017 - 9:35pm

(Photo by Kees Smans / Getty Images.) Agricultural areas are still using neonicotinoid pesticides on farms, according to an article posted June 29, 2017 to by Roni Dengler. These pesticides, as proven by major studies, have very negative consequences on bees. Not only are they killing a large number of these important insects, they are also damaging their reproduction. The studies showed that rather than exterminating all bees at once, it is happening gradually. Though it is not the only pesticide used, the biggest threat to them is neonicotinoid, a chemical used on many farms in agricultural areas. The queens are especially victims of this mass murder, which is bad for the rest of the colony whom these queens should be sustaining. This decline in bee populations directly affects us because bees are the reason so many of the food products we regularly consume can end up at our tables.  

To make sure a source you are reading from is reliable, you must do some research. First, it is important to check the website and judge whether or not it can be trusted. Usually, the more well-known it is, the more accurate the information will be. Next, you should always do some background search on the author. What kind of education do they have? What type of articles do they write? Most of the time, once these two factors are confirmed to be reliable, you know you have a good source. But it is still important to always question in every aspect what you are reading. 

I think the source of the article summarized above is reliable, mostly because it was posted to a very trustable website. It is also backed up by studies from another well-known website. I also think that the author, Roni Dengler, has a lot of credibility because she has a doctorate from the University of Colorado in molecular, cellular and developmental biology, which means she knows what she is talking about when it comes to this type of science.  


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