Ethical business

by pitou22 on Février 17, 2013 - 5:52pm

Hi, i am a student at cegep du Vieux-Montreal in business management in 4th session. I understand that the ethical business is how people  and instituions should act in the wold of business. It focuses on the rules and principles in the context of Economic and Business Affairs. In the text I'll drink to that water management is important for some business, it is a legitimate stake in many sectors of the economy. They measure the amount of water that consume business using industry standards. We can see the importance of a certain company provides management of water. They want to do water management is getting boardroom attention.  So I think the text: I'll drink to that described knows that ethical business. Finally,ethical business is the examination of the variety of the problems can That Arise from business environment. In addition, how employed, and the management corporation can deal with them ethically.

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