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by lulumgomes on Août 30, 2017 - 12:55am

Racism is often talked about using the past tense, however, in the past few years, this horrific ideology has resurfaced and is now being mentioned regularly in the news. In fact, less than a month ago, hundreds of right-wing protestors marched the streets of Charlottesville, in order, to protest the removal of Robert's E. Lee statue. For those who do not know, Robert E. Lee was the commander of the Confederate Army of North Virginia in the American Civil War. Dara Lind published an article, on Vox, about this rally, where she explains that the protesters argued that the removal of the statue was an "attempt to erase history [...] and outright white nationalists". This "Unite the Right” march attracted various groups of white supremacists, like the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. As expected from these types of controversial political rallies, counter-protesters got involved and it did not take much time before the two groups got aggressive with each other. This violent confrontation resulted in a reported Nazi sympathizer driving a car into a crowd of counter protesters, where 19 people were injured and one even killed.

These types of incidents happening in today's society are inexplicable. We are a society that learns about slavery and segregation at a very young age, we are an educated society, but we still allow these violent, racist actions to take place. I feel that the government should take higher measures, in order, to ban this type of behavior. President Donald Trump has spoken up about this issue, but in a very indirect way, which caused a lot of ambiguity. This issue needs to be addressed clearly by our authorities. Freedom of speech does not excuse people for being violent towards people who do not agree with you. 



"Unite the Right, the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, explained", by Dara Lind, published August 14th 2017.



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