Canada a Dream Come True

by sarah_P on Août 29, 2017 - 9:01pm

More than 150 new asylum seekers are entering the borders of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle llegally every day and leaving the United States.Where as compared to last month only 50 asylum seekers would enter the province everyday explains Alex Ballingall from As reported by on Wednesday, August 2nd at 11;40AM “many of the refugees, including families with young children are leaving the United States to avoid Donald Trump’s threat to standing immigration policy and also because they do not necessarily have the paperwork.” When Obama was president there was a policy that would grant them temporary protection after the earthquake of 2010. This protection is scheduled to end in january 2018 ( Asylum seekers get in through the borders by getting arrested. “We stop them, we arrest them, we check them and we pass them to our colleague at the CBSA(Canada Border Services Agency)” says Dan Spector from Global News.

As the most welcoming country in the world stated by The Gouvernement du Canada ( our responsibility is to provide the  refugees a temporary and permanent place to live and also assessing their needs for the first four to six weeks after getting into Canada ( A spokesperson for the Quebec’s employment minister says “ The minimum monthly payment will be of 623.00$” ( For now the refugees are being brought by bus to the Olympic Stadium after getting stopped and processed where they will be housed as stated by Dan Spector from Global News.

Letting asylum seekers into our country is a good thing because we welcome people in need and people who contribute to our economy and society but on the other hand we also have the responsibility to make sure that the needs of the people in our country are being met.



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