Fighting against homophobia: three articles showing different factors that we can change to fight against homophobia.

by BR on Avril 3, 2017 - 12:36am

                                         In the article “Understanding the roots of homophobia around the world” written by Amy Adamczyk she explains how different factors such as money, freedom of speech and religious play a big role in homophobia in different countries. According to Adamczyk, every characteristic in each part of the world influences how people feel about homosexuality. She analyzed 80 nations in the attitudes, values and beliefs in order to explain the roots of homophobia. She claims that money shapes attitudes, when talking about poor countries; she explains that people are more concerned about basic survival. Therefore, citizens feel that if they stick together and work intimately with companions, family and group individuals, they will lead a more unsurprising and stable life. She explains that social researchers have found that a gathering attitude may create, urging individuals to think in similar ways and discouraging individual differences, such as homosexuality. On the other hand, citizens from richer countries tend to be more liberal. She also talks about freedom of speech and she explains that the type or government matters when talking about homophobia. Adamczyk says that when people have freedom of speech, there is more tolerance which encourages people to respect human rights. For last, she talks about religion views, she claims that when people are dedicated to religion they have more conservative views; therefore, they banned every factor that could violate religious sensibilities, discouraging homosexuality.

                        In my news activist class I have to write a final paper, my paper will relate to this article because in order to have a better world without homophobia in the future, we need to talk about the roots that are causing homophobia to increase. In my opinion this is a more general factor which explains why homophobia still exist in some countries but it gives an understanding that in order to stop homophobia there are a number of things that we need to change as a whole. The reason I choose this article is because I think it is important to talk about the roots of homophobia before talking about fighting against homophobia.


            The purpose of my paper is to answer the following question: “How can we          fight for a future without homophobia?” I will be reading and using three      academic journals in order to explain and find an answer to this social issue.


·         Reducing College Students' Homophobia, Erotophobia, and Conservatism Levels Through a Human Sexuality Course.

·         Taking a Stand: The Role of the Early Childhood Teacher in Educating Against Homophobia

·         Treatment of homophobia in a gay male adolescent.


             They are relevant because they explain how child and teen development plays    a big role in homophobia. Homophobia stars from the education, principles      and values that we learn in our society. Therefore, changing our way of                     learning and stereotypes that we think we need to follow, will lead us to a     society without homophobia.



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