Understanding the real impact and cause of Homophobia

by BR on Mars 27, 2017 - 9:21pm

Understanding the real impact and cause of Homophobia


            I think as the fight against homophobia as a simple topic where Homosexuals are only asking for equality; they are just fighting for their human rights. But why does society makes this as something complex, and not easy to understand? Why do we always need to have a stereotype of how a relationship will be? Why do we always think of a family with a dad and a mom? What is the matter of seeing a mom and a mom, or a dad and a dad? Are these couples less capable of raising a kid? There are many questions but the answer for each of them is not. Being a biological parent does not make you more parent as a foster parent. What makes you a parent is the relationship that you have with your kid, seen your babies grow up, raising them and always having their back. Maybe at this point you are asking yourself why I am bringing this to the article. But after reading so many articles about homosexuals and homophobia I have come to realized that yes, it is a simple topic but it’s such a hard fight. Why? Homophobia does not come from one person who is not capable of understanding. It comes from society, and the stereotypes that are drawn in it. To fight against homophobia we have to address not only the way that nowadays we are educating a kid or an adult and how society is supporting hateful acts towards homosexuals but also, how this influences in an individual`s behaviour.  In my opinion to better understand my point, you need to recognize these 3 concepts explained by McGill University:

Psychology is the study of the mind and the behaviour. It can be seen as a social and biological science. Psychology as social science studies the nature of human beings and the influence of culture; relationships and group membership on individual personality and behaviour.

-it could help homosexuals to open up with a specialist about any discriminatory or hateful act, and as well we could get a better way to address homophobia through psychological research.

Cognitive Science is the multidisciplinary study of cognition in humans and machines. The goal of cognitive science is to comprehend the standards of intelligence with the expectation that this will prompt to better understand the brain and learning process and to create wise tools that broadens human capacities.

-it could help homosexuals to understanding why homophobia is happening and the necessary tools to fight against homophobia.

Sociology is best defined as the study of society. It clarifies the unpredictable social strengths which influence our lives, contributing to individual improvement and more powerful citizenship.

-In my opinion is the most important discipline as it explains how society acts in the way it does. Why we always stereotype and label people by their race, age, gender and sexual orientation.

I believe that these 3 disciplines can contribute when fighting against homophobia. Each of them can explain how homophobia works, how we can fight against homophobia and how we are looking as a society. You might think that they are not important for homosexuals but in my humble opinion, this is their key to freedom.


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