Good news for women in the army

by sandrinedoucet on Février 14, 2013 - 10:09am

The past few years have been rough one for women in the army workforce.

Tobi Cohen reports for the Montreal Gazette on February 13 that more than 1000 complaints by women have been unanswered and unresolved. Most complaints have to do with abuse of authority, discrimination and sexual harassment.

The focus of the RCMP on this matter is directly related to the low number of women who want to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and also because the majority who joins drops out in the middle of training. Women only consist 20% of the RCMP.

A plan of action has been put into place to change that matter. It's already been proven to be effective since it has achieved positive results.

This plan will make promotions more available for women, and take serious steps to address harassment in the workplace. RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson comments the plan ''Our objectives are plain: address the past, modernize today’s management, and  build for the future.''

The goal is for the RCMP to have 30% of the workforce consists of women by 2025. A solid recruitment plan has been outlined to seek this objective.

This is a positive step for women in the workforce because discrimination of females in the workforce has always been prevalent in Canada. More and more women want to have an equal chance of opportunity to get jobs and later have the right to objectivity for promotions. Seeing serious steps being taken to support women is excellent news and I hope this will be an inspiration for other areas of expertise such as business and engineering.