How to Be the Perfect News Reader

by William Tremblay on Mars 24, 2017 - 2:54pm

Reading a news report is not as easy as it looks. A lot of people may think that it is the easiest job a journalist could ask for, but it takes a lot of preparation and work to perform well when the camera turns on. The anchorman will need to prepare himself and follow these six steps: watch the news but also read the news, practice speaking aloud, record himself, learn to read from distance and avoid speaking with familiar language and the using of words such as “ch”, “and” and “uh”.


Step 1: Watch the News

First, it is really important to watch the news to understand the job of the anchorman and how a TV news show work. The anchorman is a media professional that reads the news on the TV. Watching him work will help the future readers to know what they will have to do and also prepare them for th very big and intimidating media world.


Step 2: Read the News

Second, the future anchorman will need to read the news. This exercise is going to allow them to know what people want to know and which news is important to talk about. This will also make them spot breaking stories, news that just happened and are important to know.


Step 3: Practice Speaking Aloud

They will also need to practice speaking aloud. This step will help with the pronunciation. It is going to give them the chance to use the perfect voice tone when they will be put in front of a camera.


Step 4: Record Himself

Next, recording themselves when they practice will allow them to easily spot their errors and imperfections and work on them more quickly than someone who does not.


Step 5: Learn to Read from a Distance

Also, the future reporters, the media professionals that will write and report the news, will have to know how to read the news from a distance. This step will prevent the journalist form making strange facial expressions. He will have to read on a teleprompter, the machine on which is read the news that is already written, that may be too far away from him. It is really important to avoid the faces that somebody who is unable to read makes. It will show to the people watching him that he is confident in what he is saying.


Step 6: Avoid Speaking with Familiar Words

Finally, avoid speaking with familiar words. When the news reader is in front of the camera, he is there to teach people. The viewer needs to be informed form him and does not want somebody who uses “street words” teaching him. It will then be easier for the reader to make people understand the things that are happening around the world and to make them more informed.


In conclusion, reading news report is all but an easy job to do for a journalist. He will need time and practice to control the art of it and become a great anchorman. All the six steps (watch the news, read them, practice speaking aloud, record himself, learn to read from distance and avoid familiar language) will allow the future readers to succeed. But do not forget to practice!

About the author

I am currently studying in Jonquière, Quebec at the Media Art and Technology to become a journalist. During my second year, I covered the Jeux du Québec in Alma for a company named TC Media in Quebec.