How to Use Social Network

by valmartineau on Mars 24, 2017 - 2:43pm



Social networks are relatively new and their apparition had change the daily life of everyone. Especially because they are everywhere, even in publicity. Indeed, publicists now have to include social media in their advertising campaigns. Even if it seems simple to use social networks it is completely different to use them for a brand or a company. If a brand want to succeed on social networks it is important to understand the functioning of them and the difference between all the different platforms.



First, let start by explaining the functioning of social media. Some people think that Facebook feed only functions with the most recent post, but is it not the only factor to be considered. In fact, Facebook functions with an algorithm. An algorithm is a mathematical formula that calculates the Facebook interaction which allows the platform to present content which fits with the preferences of all the users. In other words, Facebook looks at each of the likes, comments and shares. The more a person interacts with a page the more Facebook decide that this page is pertinent and it will show to that person more frequently posts of that page. A brand had to understand that fact and make sure that his fans will interact with his page. Otherwise, the brand may have a billion of followers but not one will see its post. This is not only true for Facebook. All the social media have their own algorithms and they all work the same way. So if a brand wants to succeed on social networks it has to be unique, original, relevant, constant and encouraged the interaction by using texts, pictures, video and by finding new ways to have commitment of its fans.


Difference between the social media

Second, to optimize the presence of a brand on a network is important to prepare the post and carefully choose the social media that will be used. In fact, the most popular are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They can not be used in the same way because they are not made for the same purpose. In the figure 1, we can see a graph that describe each of them. Let us start with Instagram. Instagram is a social sharing site for pictures and videos it was created to inspire others. A brand can use it to share the look of products especially for a fashion and recipes. To succeed on Instagram it is important to be succinct and to have beautiful pictures. Twitter is a social site that people use to follow celebrities and politicians. Indeed, news can be spread really fast on Twitter since 5 700 tweets happen every second, It is useful for a brand to share small news items about their company. Finally, Facebook is used by one billion users. Facebook is an opportunity for brands with the client and build commitment. So, a brand has to use them all, but use them for what they have been created.  



In conclusion, using social media demand a lot of knowledge and brand have to understand how each platform works to optimize their impact on the people. Also, each of them had their differences and it is important to use them in the right way. Finally, preparation of the intervention on social media is the key for success and with a good understanding everyone can be a master of the art of using social network for advertising.

About the author

Valérie Martineau, is currently studying in publicity at the Cégep de Jonquière. She is very determined and adores the human side of the field in which she works. In her second year of study she won a competition to design an advertising campaign. She is very involved.