Abortion and New Power

by SamanthaW on Mars 18, 2017 - 10:47pm

The problem with abortion is, people don’t know what to think or do of it. Women are trying to show everyone that they are doing what is best for themselves, as well as for the fetus or unborn child. Whether it be terminating a pregnancy or not. Most women that get abortions are under the age of 25, which is understandable to get an abortion for. click here to learn more facts. Women should feel empowered by choosing what happens to their bodies, and that is how new power comes in. abortion was once illegal everywhere, now, more and more countries are making it legal to a certain extent due to voices being heard worldwide. Women are getting what they are asking for, they no longer have to hide in shame. If more people were to speak up, i could be legal everywhere, and women that get impregnated by rape, will finally have their own voice. Look at these 10 facts to better understand why women should have the right to do as they please. By sharing news about why abortion can be good. By doing so, it can create open-mindedness across the world, by sharing stories of women that have suffered through rape, or that state their reasons for having an abortion. These stories explain the life of several women getting abortions, and why. The way to understand abortion, and women better, is to simply listen to their reasons, and learn to accept that it is for the greater good.

About the author

Samantha Williams, a Tourism student at Champlain College. Currently living on my own in Charlemagne. Planning on finishing my studies at Champlain, then go into Human Resources at Concordia. I love writing, playing sports, singing, painting, and volunteering where I may be needed.