Issues with the Criminal Justice System from a gendered dimension.

by joseph07 on Mars 17, 2017 - 10:50pm

2. Choose an issue in Canadian criminal justice that relates to gender or an issue with a gendered dimension. Discuss the issue and your analysis of the larger problems and context. For example, you could discuss the role of victimization and the construction of victims in the Jian Ghomeshi trial and what this tells us about sexual assault cases in Canada.

Popular CBC host Ghomeshi lost his job admit allegations of four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking. Three complaints came forward with individual allegations that they had been assaulted by Ghomeshi. The court acquitted Ghomeshi on all counts. The rulings of the court were made based on the fact that each complaint engaged with conduct after the fact, each showed a willingness to conceal evidence causing the judge to have a lack of faith to their level of reliability and sincerity.

Criminal victimization is a very important issue in Canada’s judiciary system. Crimes everyone differently, most victims tend to be confused, frustrated and can become angry towards loved ones and friends. They mostly question why it happened and why it happened to them. Having no one to turn to can compound upon the victim and they begin to feel insecure, these insecurities begin to affect their everyday living and It presents victims with several negative impacts such as emotional, physical and financial discomfort and leads to the larger problem of preventing other victims from having the courage to speak out against others.      

Victimization by judicial system personals is very demoralizing, victims have at this stage summoned up courage to speak out and to the people they view should be protecting them which are judges, lawyers and police, they begin to be asked questions that make them relive the situation, become frustrated which could lead to them getting confused about the events and telling a couple versions and them becoming branded as liars. Jian Ghomeshi defense team focused on breaking down the credibility of the victims by bringing up past pattern of the victims and patterns they indulged with after the crime. The defense seemed to insinuate that the victims wanted it, and after it happened they wanted even more. The result of the defenses argument changed the structure of the court system from finding the accused guilty or not guilty with present facts about the crime but from the natures of the victims (past and future). The outcome of this case would no doubt affect the coming out of victims of other sexual assault crimes. The court has unconsciously set up a picture of what exactly a victim should consist of, a victim coming forward would need to carry out an extensive personally investigate to make sure their past activities won’t be brought up in the court.