Wine Tasting to the Point Where One Can Taste the Bush?

by TheOfficialXunWah on Février 26, 2017 - 4:13pm

The world is slowly evolving in its technological capabilities and as it evolves, the media becomes a lot more accessible. We live in a society where advertisements can be seen anywhere, from having the company logo on your shirt to having a pop-up on your computer. Nearly any form of communication in our world will have a presence of some sort of advertisement. These commercials can have a great influence in our lives and on our ways of thinking because we encounter at least hundreds of them every single day. Some of these advertisements may have positive influence, however there are many that have negative influences on our population.


In 2015, Premier Estate, an australian wine company, had their advertisement banned in the UK due to sexual references. One of which was a Twitter post of a woman whose face has been cropped out, exposing her chest and lower body. In this picture, there is a wine glass placed in front of her crotch region that resembles her genitalia with an overlaid text displaying “#TasteTheBush”.  This ad is not only making reference to oral sex, but it is also objectifying woman at the same time. The head is the most important part of the human body where our emotions are located and it is what defines the identity of every individual. This post excludes the face of the woman and only focuses on her chest and her lower body, which is provoking the idea that women are nothing but a display for sightseeing. It is stripping away her facial expression, leaving her emotionless, where her body serves as a background to the wine glass. This advertisement is also emphasizing the inferiority of woman in our society. It is evident that the woman’s sole purpose is to serve as background for the red wine. It is emphasizing that a glass of red wine has more authority than her so it is using her body to look more aesthetically pleasing.


The influence of advertising are meant to be quick and repetitive, to the point that people would subconsciously recognize them. According to Miss representation, a documentary about sexism in advertisements, people have at least 10 hours and 45 minutes of media consumption a week. Therefore, one may conclude that these type of advertisements are a threat to our future generations. If these kinds of commercials are constantly shown to our young viewers, they would start normalizing these types of discriminatory stereotypes in the future. The boys will start thinking that they would have a lot more authority over the girls and the girls would start to believe that “their value and their worth depends” on their looks (Kimbourne, Miss Representation). This type of discrimination is convincing the minds of our younger generations that the only way for a woman to meet her beauty standards is by having a perfect physical appearance. Ads like these will also send a message to young female teenagers that they are the inferiority of society, which would lead to the decrease of female influence on our society. Women represents the other half of the talent of the human race, if society exclude them from positions of high influence, humanity wouldn’t run at it’s full potential.  Premier Estate did not only publish this offensive image, but they also encouraged people to tweet “I want to #TasteTheBush” just so they can get a chance to win a case of wine. They are linking the presence of alcohol with sex, which can lead to the encouragement of sexual behaviour with the lack of consent while under the influence of alcohol.


The issues with this advertisement can be easily fixed and republished to the public. Firstly, the overlaid text must be removed because it has no relevance to what they’re selling. It is difficult to see if the company failed to realize that the grapes that produces wine are not grown from bushes but they are grown from vines, or they were specifically targeting women with offensive sexual innuendos. As for the picture, there is absolutely no particular reason for the lady to be standing in front of the wine glass. She could have easily been replaced by a white background that would have produced a less offensive result.


To summarize, Premier Estate’s Twitter post  is an example of the many advertisements that enforces the same sexist stereotypes. These stereotypes are setting up boundaries on women, thus suppressing their true potential on having an influence on our modern society. It is only when the population decides to break the imaginary "glass ceiling" can humanity achieve its true potential.



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