It's just a Burger King sandwich

by theboss_25 on Février 24, 2017 - 5:00pm

In today’s society, advertisements have gone way too far. From food ads to clothing ads, they all convey a negative and unrealistic image of our society and especially of women. A great example of a problematic advertisement had been published by Burger King. The “It’ll blow your mind away” ad is very controversial due to its objectification of women. 

There is an obvious sexual approach aiming to reach the targeted market. The Burger King ad puts an emphasis on objectifying and sexualizing female bodies in order to get their market going and sell more sandwiches. Thus is observed as the woman in the ad is looking at the “Super 7-incher” sandwich with surprise and as if she is forced to eat it. This relates to male dominance and how males believe they have the power to force females and rule them around. The sandwich is positioned in a way that it’s about to go down her throat. The 7-inches sized “sandwich” is also the typical penis size. Her facial expression reflects more than just innocently looking at food. Therefore, the sandwich in this context is referred to as a penis rather than simply a delicious sandwich. The tagline “It’ll blow your mind away” itself proves how sexual their marketing strategy is. Blowing something that will “fill your desire for something long and juicy” sounds more like giving a fellatio. Thus delivers a message to the society that eating the sandwich will be as pleasurable as a fellatio or even “tastier” as the tagline says “It just tastes better”. On the other hand, this ad does not just portray a stereotypical women behaviour but it also tells men that they are the only ones to benefit from oral sex. Why aren’t men sexualized as women are? Portraying ladies as sexual objects increases mens’ egos. They perceive women as inferior to them and they tend to take more advantage of them.

One of the biggest concerns regarding this ad is that Burger King is mainly targeting older teenage boys and men under the age of 30-40 years old. Therefore, the ad is visible by everyone in the society, such as little boys. As a young kid walks by this ad in the streets, he may not instantly perceive the image it portrays. Therefore, as he grows up, his beliefs and image of women will be influenced by the negative stereotype of sexual objectification of women he has been exposed to in the media.

Another message being conveyed in this ad is how women are better looking with makeup. The woman has bright red lipstick which is known to portray a sexy lady. Thus is an offense to all the females out there. It does not only make males think women are ugly without makeup, but it also makes females more and more insecure about their beauty. Her makeup does not match the context of eating a sandwich, it is way overdone. In “Miss Representation” they mentioned how the media puts a lot of pressure on girls in the society. Whether through the emphasis on anorexic models and television stars or through the way girls look like on social media, females are more likely to develop the belief that they all need to look the same and suffer for beauty. (Seibel Nesom)

To fix this add, I would insist on changing the way the lady is looking at the sandwich. A women sitting on a normal Burger King table with a tray full of food and her taking a big bite out of the sandwich would be a lot more reasonable. Changing the tagline is also essential as it is very sexual. Getting rid of all the sexual elements would solve the problematic issue of the ad. Also, the woman should have less makeup in order to look more natural and show her natural beauty. 

In conclusion, in this ad there is a stress on women objectification and sexualization. Is it an ad for fellatio or for burgers? Sexual elements have nothing to do with food. There must be a distinction between both. Burger King uses such an attention-grabbing method in order to sell their products. Therefore, customers focus on the message portrayed through the ad rather than on the quality of product they’re trying to sell. This has become an ubiquitous issue. Through the image of a lady eating a burger, the ad portrays oral sex as something usual in the society. Overall, the ad enforces a negative stereotype of women, as well as very sexist views. 



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