Criminal Minds

by bryannamath on Février 16, 2017 - 5:50pm

Throughout the episodes and seasons, there have been a variety of different types of criminals that have been depicted. In general there have been a lot more men serial killers on the show than women. So is does this mean men are more likely to be a serial killer or does it mean more women commit more less serious crimes and are therefore less likely to be in the spotlight? Despite saying this there have been women serial killers depicted in the show throughout the seasons. One woman had her husband kidnap and rape women so that they would become pregnant with a child, but it must be a boy, to replace the son she was pregnant with when she found out that she had cancer. Also, one was a woman who acted as an escort to wealthy businessmen and went out with these men a few times then murdered them. she did this because her father had an affair with an escort when she was young and she wanted to punish men who were home wreckers. Another was a woman who wanted to take revenge on men from when she was raped during Mardi Gras. The woman would lure men into the alleyways where she would act like she was going to have sex with them then brutally murder them. Also, one being a woman who would abduct women, sedated them (since she is a nurse), and dressed them as real life dolls that she replicated from the dolls that were taken from her in her childhood. She believed that she these ‘dolls’ were her friends where she would have tea parties and conversations. When theses “dolls’ died she would place them in public places to be discovered and then abduct her next victim. What do these crimes have in common? Though they all contain the obvious murders in common, these crimes all revolve around “women-natured” crimes. The first one is that a women’s purpose in life is bare children and this woman couldn’t so she did what she believed what she had to do to have a child like she was supposed to. In the second case, the woman was who was an escort for wealthy businessmen who want to have an affair or sex on the side. This is a women centered business, such as prostitution, which is taboo for me to participate as a solicitor. The third example was that a woman was raped and no one believed her since they couldn’t hear her scream. Majority of rape victims are women and they are often disbelieved if they bring their story forward. The last was a girl that never got a childhood so she believes that these women are her toys to play with. She was gentle with them and nurturing but because they were sedated for so long they died from the side effects. All these women committed murders in ways that had a female touch to them. They were crimes dealing with nurture, rape, women’s prostitution and a lost of an ideal childhood. When watching shows like this we often see men as the brutal and savage killers and the women committing minor crimes or when they do ‘act like men’ they still do it in a feminine way.