Domestic Violence? Nothing’s Wrong with That.

by AlexeKantchev on Février 12, 2017 - 10:47pm

On January 25th, The New York Times announced that Vladimir Poutin approved a new law that reduces the sentence one can get if charged with domestic violence. Moreover, for now on, criminal charges will only be given if the victim was seriously injured (“concussion, broken bones or repetitive offense”). Some people go as far as saying that it is normal for parents to hit their children since it is a part of their culture. On the other side, some people believe it is a “step back to medieval times” and believe this law should not be in place.Afterwards, Ms. Aivazova gave troubling statistics saying that in 2014 more than 25% of crimes were committed by family and in 2015, 40%.


In its article, the author Ivan Nechepurenko explains that the religion is very present in politics and the Orthodox Church is one of the supporters of this new law.

In brief, the state believes corporal punishment on children is the norm and should not be punished by the law.


Since my father is Russian and I still have family living there, I am shocked that such laws are even being considered. I can understand that some family believe that smacking the bottom of a child is considered some kind of punishment, but this law goes beyond a slap on the wrist. I truly feel disappointed by this new law that, I believe, protects more the offender than the victims. Furthermore, he fact that the Church approves of it makes it even more wrong.