personal life and ethics does not work together

by maude1234 on Février 11, 2013 - 1:40pm

The Business World, a large world with a lot of definition. Well the ethical business is very complicate because you have a lot of rule and a lot of way of thinking. For me the Ethical Business is the many problems that you have in your company or in the relation with the odder company and it’s how you will solved it. It’s very important to be just cause can’t mix your personal opinion with your job. When you are in delicate situation you can’t take a side of someone because you have de be just with the too side and be realist. It’s the same thing with your personal life. Mix your personal life with your job is not a good idea in the business world. Your personal life can’t influence on your choice. Ethical business has a lot of rule and is difficult to respect each one and stay just.


The ethics learned at a young age are usually the ones maintained through adulthood and put into practice in daily lives. The employees must share the same ethics as the company or at least practice them while employed. Some businesses give their prospective employees informational materials that contain a mission statement, policies, and other ethical responsibilities that all employees must abide by.