When Police Goes on Strike in Brazil, Civilians Die

by SamanthaW on Février 11, 2017 - 10:18am

February 9, 2017


Police strikes are invading the streets of Espirito Santo, Brazilian State. A six day strike has begun and left over 100 dead civilians. There are no signs of the strike stopping anytime soon. Money has been stolen, car have been robbed, and one too many homicides has happened. Families and friends of the police officers have joined in and helped them with the strike, by blocking roads to limit the access for others. The cause of the strike is due to the lack of salary raise. The police have not gotten a raise in four years. Their monthly pay is $847.96.

Here in Canada the pay grades are a lot higher. Here is the pay grade in Canada back in 2014:


Something that could be done is, doing like the police is doing in Quebec. Instead of striking out and have hundreds of people die, wear something outraging, to be noticed. Something else that could be done, if the government cares about its people, they should talk seriously about giving the cops what they want. Not necessarily giving them a huge raise at once, but slowly give them some extra money, for all the hard work they do. If the government realizes what they do in order to keep their town and their people safe, and the death count being a lot less than it is as of right now.

Written by: Reuters




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