The Web is a Dark Place

by Strawberry on Février 10, 2017 - 12:46pm


As the internet becomes more and more advanced, and internet espionage is more apparent in governments in today’s society, the want and need for internet censorship becomes more popular. Censorship laws become so restricted to the point where the freedom of people are also being restricted. According the virtue ethics people should have the right to publish anything they want or even say anything they want, but with the censorship laws that are become stricter, the freedom of the people is diminishing. This constant want for privacy on the internet has led to the creation of TOR (The Onion Router). TOR is a browser that is used to conceals user’s identity to make them virtually untraceable. It may seem as if this browser solves the problem of online privacy, but the problem with being completely anonymous is that this is the source of many online illegal activities. Examples of these illegal activities are, drug-trafficking to most of the world, forums storing child pornography, an online webcam site (called red rooms), where users can watch people being tortured until death, etc.

With the creation of this browser many moral dilemmas have risen. The main one is that which is more important, the privacy of the people or restricting all the illegal activities that are going on? According to virtue ethics, one should live in a place of privacy without being constantly watched. The government only really has 2 different option on what they can do, either make TOR a public browser and track all of these illegal websites, or leave everything as is. In 2013, a very popular drug/weapon trafficking website was taken down by the government and in 2014 the worlds largest torrent website was seized by police (1). Since this has happened, the issue of private browsing has become a more topic of interest.

My solution would be to moderate everything on the internet. I believe that it is more important to crack down these websites instead of leaving an entire portion of the internet anonymous. I believe that if TOR is left anonymous for longer, more and more websites will be created and will become a darker and more messed up.



(1) Kottasova, Ivana. "Pirate Bay shut down and raided by Swedish police." CNNMoney. Cable News Network, n.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2017.